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TinaGee Ventures is a leading, privately held merchant service provider delivering the most cost-effective, innovative and technologically advanced electronic payment processing in the industry. We create customized solutions with our unique products to drive revenue and increase profitability for all business types including retailers, restaurants, hospitality, service professionals, healthcare services, e-commerce, utility companies, MOTO and non-profit organizations.

Business Development

Marketing & Business Development Strategy to
establish a platform for growth

In an analysis of 750 business collapses between 1981 and 2006 the single biggest cause of failure was a misguided strategy and 46% of these failures could have been foreseen (source: Billion Dollar Lessons). At Shaping Business we are passionate about getting the marketing strategy of the business right. We advocate the need for strategic agility, driven by a continual gathering of valuable market information to inform strategic decision making. Shaping Business helps Technology and Professional Services firms operating in complex sales environments to establish their competitive advantage and develop a successful B2B marketing strategy.

Our B2B Marketing Strategy services include:

Business Growth Strategy

Market Research & Analysis

Marketing Audit

Client Retention Strategy

Workshop Facilitation

Construction Services

TinaGee delivers program and construction management services to clients around the world – from project concept to completion and commissioning. Led by our Constructing Department. Construction services business brings together the world’s leading builders. Across Nigeria, TinaGee strengths in diverse regions and complementary sectors form one of the nation’s leading builders and a powerful force in the industry.

The construction services team offers clients a single and comprehensive source of solutions backed by TinaGee combined local knowledge and global expertise. Our construction services experts provide clients with an extensive range of pre-construction and construction-related services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity. Along with managing the complexity of each project, our construction services professionals build longstanding relationships with clients and design professionals.

As an essential team member on each project, we play a crucial role in helping clients realize their visions. As a project progresses—or increases in complexity—we customize our services to fit each client’s unique needs and requirements. Our suite of services covers every aspect of a client’s project, from design to completion.

Environmental Safety & Health Consultant

Health and Safety Advice

With our team of dedicated Health and Safety advisors, TinaGee can actively develop innovative and cost saving solutions for people, technology, systems and operations.
TinaGee approach to Health and Safety is built on our passion helping to create working environments in which every individual cares about the health, welfare and safety of their colleagues. We know from experience that this leads directly to a workplace with a reputation as a good place to work – highly productive, innovative and creative.
We encourage the right approach by working for, alongside and within organisations – bringing our team to the very heart of your business. Our range of Health and Safety consultancy services are designed and tailored to help organisations develop a culture of care which builds trust, strengthens relationships and releases the true potential of people.
We provide embedded and outsourced health and safety advice and solutions to meet the specific needs of our valued clients. TinaGee provides technical and strategic consultancy to enable ‘Deep Dive’ analysis of the operational and strategic challenges facing organisations.

Competent Person
For many of our clients, having the required competent person on their staff is uneconomic or can be a distraction from their core focus. TinaGee can provide a qualified competent person to give our clients the peace of mind, not only in terms of legal compliance but in understanding the risks in their business and the opportunity that effective management of those risks presents.

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